MARITA NOON, Executive Director

"America's Voice for Energy"

Filled with fire and fight, an accomplished author of 19 books and a nationally-known Christian speaker, Marita Noon changed course and changed her life when she was brought in as Executive Director of the Citizen’s Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) in 2007.

Marita has transformed the face of energy advocacy, building the now-national CARE into a group to be reckoned with. Her tireless enthusiasm and knowledge have brought American energy issues to the forefront.

She began her career as a public speaker at age 19 and was an author at 24. That career (following in the footsteps of her mother, Florence Littauer, also a renowned author and speaker), took flight. With a vivacious personality, an easy-to-be-with educator for Christians, in particular Christian women, Marita spent more than 30 years helping Americans find their way through personal growth. She still occasionally travels the country on the lecture circuit, giving seminars and speeches, and if that weren’t enough for Marita’s strong sense of accomplishment, she founded CLASServices Inc. This organization continues to provide training and resources for other Christian writers and speakers. To this date, she has trained thousands of talented Christians in the mastery of communication.

Today, she uses her life and professional experience to educate Americans on the responsible use of energy; about the potential for energy from domestic production--oil, natural gas, and coal, supplemented by the renewable energy sources. Her expertise in communication, both personal and professional, now serves her well in her latest endeavor: American energy independence.

Marita’s own energy is contagious and has led CARE into the national spotlight. Known for her ability to unite people and communicate the importance of being self-sufficient in our energy needs, Marita, with her unmatched skills as a communicator, makes a complicated topic easy to understand for anyone. She KNOWS energy and its importance in everyday American life. Here’s a quote from Marita’s “Environmental Utopia” which is somewhat a manifesto on American energy potential:

“Let’s get real! Let’s look at the energy reality. Do you prefer the necessities of life? Do you like your car, your microwave, your health and your house? ...don’t let the environmental groups take away energy. Most of them have unattainable goals or goals that do not factor in the complete picture. They fight to stop a perceived evil without looking at what else will be impacted. Which portions of your lifestyle--or your children’s or grandchildren’s lifestyle--do you want to give up in the name of saving the world from this or that speculative environmental cataclysm?”

As the influence of CARE spread nationwide, many of Marita’s colleagues urged her to tackle the negative legislation pouring out of Congress with a companion advocacy organization legally empowered to urge the public to vote for abundant, affordable access to American energy. In response, Marita incorporated and organized Energy Makes America Great inc. (EMAG), CARE’s companion advocacy group with a name that is a message. Her efforts with EMAG on the legislative front now have the attention of Congress and are making a difference.

Her recent articles have appeared in The Daily Caller,, The Washington Examiner,, Boulder Daily Camera, Houston Chronicle, American Oil and Gas Reporter, Albuquerque Journal, Austin American Statesman, the Nashville Tennessean and dozens of others, and is frequently contacted for comment on current energy issues. Her goal seeks to educate Americans to the potential for bountiful energy right here in the United States. Marita also makes dozens of energy-based speeches across the country and has appeared on countless radio talk shows and television news programs nation-wide.

For more information about Marita, the Citizen’s Alliance for Responsible Energy (CARE) and Energy Makes America Great inc.(EMAG), check CARE’s website at or Energy Makes America Great inc. at or call 505.239.8998.

JAMES K. CHILTON, JR., Board Director

Jim Chilton is a 5th generation Arizona cattle rancher whose pioneering ancestors settled in the state in the late 1800's. He and his wife Sue make their home on the family cow-calf ranch south of Arivaca, Arizona. Jim is a representative of the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association to the national Public Lands Council where he participates in the development of policy recommendations for Congress and federal agencies relating to livestock grazing issues.

Jim also owns an investment banking and financial advisory services company. As lead banker, Jim has completed billions of dollars of tax-exempt public purpose bonds to finance public infrastructure.

Jim earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Master of Science in Economics, and a Master of Arts in Political Science from Arizona State University.

MIKE HIGHTOWER , Board Director

Mike Hightower is a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff in the Energy Security Center at Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He is a civil and environmental engineer and has over 25 years experience in and research and development projects. This includes structural and geomechanics research in support of space and weapons systems, research and evaluation of innovative environmental technologies for industrial and nuclear waste treatment and cleanup, and security and protection of critical infrastructures. Currently, he supports research and development projects addressing water and energy resource sustainability and water and energy infrastructure security and protection issues and concerns. These efforts include developing novel water treatment and water monitoring technologies, developing models and techniques to improve water resource use and management, desalination and produced water treatment, impact of water availability on energy security and reliability, and water, electric power, and natural gas infrastructure security and protection.

Mike holds Bachelor and Master Degrees in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University.

GAVIN LONGMUIR , Board Director

Gavin Longmuir is a consulting petroleum engineer based in Stanley, NM, with over 25 years experience in the oil & gas industry. Since establishing his consultancy about 10 years ago, he has done projects for large and small companies, from Alaska to the Middle East. Gavin has also worked closely with attorneys for oil companies preparing for contract disputes and regulatory issues. His prior experience was in technical, commercial, & management functions with major oil companies in the North Sea, North Africa, California and Alaska.

Within the span of his working life, Dr. Longmuir has participated in the development of new oil fields, which briefly became giant energy suppliers, and then inevitably declined. As someone with direct experience of how challenging it is for the oil & natural gas industry simply to keep up with growing demand, he became interested in the future of human energy supplies. He has presented his views to a variety of audiences in New Mexico & beyond, including as keynote speaker at the 2004 North American Prospect Exposition in Houston. A paper based on his presentation has been published in “Oil, Gas & Environmental Law”. Gavin believes strongly that we all need to take the question of our future energy supplies more seriously. He’s committed to explaining to the public that global energy demand will have to grow to improve the lives of people around the world, especially in developing countries. Meeting that demand will be a major technical & commercial challenge, and will take decades of focused activities.

Gavin Longmuir earned BSc (First Class Honours) and PhD degrees at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland, and an MBA at the University of New Mexico. He benefits tremendously from the company of his wife and two cats.

PAUL GESSING, Board Director

President, Rio Grande Foundation

Paul Gessing became the first full-time President of the Rio Grande Foundation in March of 2006. Since joining the Foundation, Gessing has been a prominent voice for limited government and individual liberties in policy areas including: taxes, health care, education, and transportation.

Prior to joining the Foundation, Gessing headed up the lobbying efforts of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) a respected taxpayer-advocacy organization in Washington, DC.

Paul graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio with a degree in Political Science in 1997 and he received his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Maryland in 2005. Paul is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, but he has several family members in New Mexico and has spent a great deal of time in the state over the years.

Paul and his wife Krista were married in October 2007 in Algodones, NM. In his spare time, Paul enjoys playing basketball, golf, playing with the family dogs, and traveling.

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