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  • CARE
    CARE - 7/30/2010

  • AVPfilms
    Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy - 7/6/2009

    Will the war cry and now pending legislation to restrict our energy use end the family vacation? Proposals are already being voted upon that are set to hurt business, restrict energy use, control everything from agriculture to your air conditioning. This legislation is a sure job and economy killer, not to mention a huge expansion of government.

  • AVPfilms
    Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy - 5/2/2009

    This video is based on content from a speech given by California Congressman Tom McClintock. It raises questions about the validity of the global warming / climate change claim that is being used to draft legislation and regulations in both federal and state governments. The unproven claim of man made CO2 causing global warming is the basis for the pending Cap and Trade legislation poised to severely harm our economic future and freedom. Read the full speech at

  • AVPfilms
    Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy - 2/27/2009

    Who voted to expand the wilderness, but, at the same to cut off land leases for energy exploration and production? 73 United States Senators and the bill is off to the House of Representatives. This is a clear case of your government working against your best interests. While expanding wilderness areas sounds good, closing off America's energy resources is bad for America's economy and our future.

  • Marita Noon
    New Mexico Tech - 2/10/2009

  • AVPfilms
    Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy - 1/12/2009

    An overview of the comments from policy makers that will be affecting energy policy with the incoming administration. This video gives insight into the motivations behind upcoming policy changes and what we can expect to be in any "energy plan" Are they working to "promote for the general welfare" as the constitution requires, or is it something else? "America has a right to energy that is affordable, available and abundant"

  • Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy
    Roswell, New Mexico - 5/5/2008

    30 Second spot to promote Roswell, NM showing of Mine Your Own Business

  • AVPfilms
    Citizens' Alliance for Responsible Energy - 1/1/2008

    Our future depends on our ability to get to our natural energy resources; resources that are currently off-limits or restricted , or access stalled, by environmentalists legal actions. Take a look and find out who is getting to our resources, and selling them back to us.

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