Without abundant, affordable energy no country can thrive. Energy that is readily available to the people is the very foundation of modern society. In fact, an absence of reasonably priced electricity and liquid fuels can destroy even the greatest of nations. The United States of American must never face this dangerous dilemma. Yet, for a variety of reasons, the loss of affordable energy is a very real possibility in the not so distant future. That's why CARE was created.

The Citizens Alliance for Responsible Energy is a 501(c)(3) public charity with a Section H Election allowing us to lobby legislators within IRS regulations. CARE is devoted to educating the public about the need to guarantee our access to the affordable energy that drives our nation forward. CARE is not affiliated with a political party.

In the years ahead we'll need to greatly increase our electricity supply. While it is important to continue to develop renewable energy sources, they are not likely to be nearly enough to meet the growing demand. Coal is still a great resource and clean coal technology is rapidly becoming a reality. After a dormancy of nearly 30 years, it's time to bring back nuclear power, which is safe and clean. Anti-development and anti-energy activist groups are attempting to deceive the public into believing that we can wean ourselves off of oil in the near future. Perhaps in the decades ahead that worthy goal will be realized, but in the meantime there is no viable substitute for petroleum--the most powerful and versatile fuel known to man. The United States cannot lose its ability to produce a significant percentage of oil for itself. Without enough petroleum, freedom itself could be in jeopardy. Of course, as important as energy is to our survival and prosperity, we must also demand that energy production does not put undue stress on our environment. Reasonable protection of soil, water and air is of paramount importance.

Finally, as our demand for energy increases the need for conservation grows as well. We must be smarter about how we use our electricity and liquid fuels. These are some of the priorities of CARE. Please join us in the critically important mission of guaranteeing abundant, affordable energy.

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