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How Long Do Solar Lights Last?

By James

Solar lighting is one way to go if you want to achieve a more profound ambiance in your outdoor and garden space. I chose to use solar lights for my outdoor lighting because they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. However, a common question among people considering garden lighting is how long do solar lights last? I […]

How To Test A Solar Panel?

By James

Using Solar panels is one of the best ways to preserve the universe because it is a type of green energy. When people buy solar panels, they might be inclined to test them because of one reason or the other. The real question now is, how do you test a solar panel accurately? It is […]

How To Measure A Roof Using Google Earth?

By James

Some people want their roof measured and they can’t due to fear of falling off the roof. What if we tell you that you can get your roof measured from the comfort of your room? This can be done by using a computer program called Google Earth. Basically, Google Earth works by portraying the earth […]

What Is Ah In Batteries?

By James

Ever wondered what Ah in batteries is? To understand what this is, you need to know what a battery really is. One thing to know is that there are different types of batteries but it is important to know that they all work the same way. A battery can be described as a device that […]

How To Heat A Greenhouse With Solar Panels?

By James

The weather can sometimes be unpredictable and even when you can predict the weather; you can’t always have the right weather suitable for your crops. To help counter this problem, a greenhouse was invented in the early years. A greenhouse is an enclosed structure with walls and roof made out of transparent material like glass. […]

How To Build a 5000 Watt Solar Generator?

By James

Did I hear someone ask why solar? Well, the answer is not far-fetched. At the moment solar energy is the cleanest form of renewable energy and also the most abundant. It causes no environmental pollution and is totally free of charge. The sun energy is captured by the solar panel and is converted in electrical […]

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