Best Solar Charge Controllers – Top 9 Our Reviews 2020

Best Solar Charge Controllers

If you have rightly invested in a great solar-powered system, then you have to also invest in the best solar charger controllers. This is because buying a solar charger controller helps in preventing battery damage. It helps regulate the right amount of energy it needs to operate at its optimal level.


9 Best Solar Charger Controllers from Our Reviews


Charger Controller

Battery Voltage



EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller

12V - 24V


Outback Flexmax 80 AMP Solar Charge Controller

12 - 60 VDC


Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Solar Charge Controller

12 - 48 VDC


WindyNation Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller

12 - 24 VDC


ALLPOWERS 20A Solar Charger Controller

12 - 24V


Renogy Wanderer Advanced PWM Solar Charge Controller

12 V


GHB Solar Charge Controller

12 - 24 V


Sunix Solar Charge Controller

12 - 24 V


HQST PWM Common Positive Solar Charge Controller

12 - 24 V

1. EPEVER MPPT Charge Controller

Give your solar-powered system the absolute regulation it needs with this topnotch solar charger controller, and you will have amazing battery life. This device is the best MPPT charge controller that is specifically designed to ensure a greater lifespan for your solar-powered system. It does this using one of the best controllers features the market has got to offer. That is why it is rated the best MPPT charge controller for the money you are willing to invest.

Firstly, it is designed to be usable with all types of battery. Hence, you have a single charger controller compatible with sealed AGM flooded batteries, GEL batteries as well as lithium batteries. Talking about power input capacity, it has the maximum wattage input of 260W/12V, 520W/24V, and a maximum input volt of 100V. also, you will enjoy high tracking efficiency that stands at 99.5% Peak conversion efficiency and also capably of almost 98%. Accurate recognition and tracking of multiple power points.

Furthermore, this device comes with fully automated functions. It comes with a full LCD screen that helps you in reading all related information legibly. This information may include battery data and parameter setting information. It may also include information on the temperature level and energy statistics. This solar charger controller also supports PC software and diversified load control modes that include the manual, light ON/OFF, Light ON+ Timer, and time Control.

Pros and Benefits

  • Full LCD screen
  • Compatible with all battery types
  • Excellent wattage and voltage capacity
  • Diversified load control modes

2. Outback Flexmax 80 AMP Solar Charge Controller

Enjoy the multiple functionalities of a device that is built to give your solar-powered device all the protection it requires. This controller is compatible with batteries between 12 to 60-volt capacity. It also combines technology with high efficiency. Hence, you get to enjoy a full LCD with eighty characters capacity that helps to convey all relevant information you may need to know.

Furthermore, you will enjoy full automated protection that gives you maximum cover against overloading, overcharging, rapid discharging, and power surges. Your devices are also protected against lightning strikes, reverse polarity, and undercharging. It comes with temperature sensors with intelligent thermal management cooling features that help to maintain regular internal temperature and thereby increase the expected lifespan.

Also, it comes with a pre-installed Advanced Continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking that works to help Increase the PV Array Output by up to 30%. This device also offers support to batteries of nominal voltages by stepping down the higher voltage to a lower usable voltage for lower-voltage batteries. Overall, it is very easy to use and set up. 

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Intelligent thermal management cooling feature
  • Fully automated protection
  • Full LCD screen

3. Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Solar Charge Controller

Here is one of the most technologically inclined best solar controllers you can ever find at the market. This is because the manufacturer has made sure that you enjoy the most convenient technology at the best price ever. This model features a wireless Bluetooth solution which helps you to set-up. Monitor and regularize your solar-powered system in the easiest way possible.

This brand is an ultra-fast MPPT control that helps to boost energy harvest by up to 30% during cloudy days. It does this by stabilizing the fluctuating light intensity that may be damaging to your solar-powered system or battery. It also helps to regularize the charging requirement of your battery as well as a solar-powered system. Hence, you don't have to worry about overcharging, overload, or over-discharge as this controller has got you covered.

Furthermore, the load output is circuit proof, and this helps to prevent your system from experiencing short circuits. It also comes with an intelligent battery management feature that helps to keep the battery lifespan at an impressive rate by using the battery algorithm to monitor the state of charge of the battery. It also comes with waterproof features that help to keep the battery safe.

Pros and Benefits

  • Ultra-fast MPPT feature
  • Intelligent battery management feature
  • Waterproof feature
  • Amazing wattage and voltage capacity

4. WindyNation Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller

There is no reason why one solar charger controller shouldn't be enough to use for all types of batteries, and we are glad that this brand is part of those that are compatible with all batteries. Whether sealed, gel, flooded, or lithium battery, this brand has got you covered. However, the battery is ideal for batteries between 12V to 24V capacity.

Furthermore, it comes with an LCD screen to help you keep track of the flow of data that is relatable to your battery life cycle. This will also help you keep track of information on amperage, voltage, and temperature readings as well as automatically regulate the load control. Also, it comes pre-installed to function in a way that helps to prevent your battery from over-charging, overload, over-discharging, and other short circuit issues.

It also comes with a battery temperature sensor that helps to keep track of the temperature of the battery to prevent internal overheating. This will then ensure that your battery is a health, and the general lifespan of your solar-powered system stays at the maximum expectancy. Finally, this device will give your battery the needed four stages of PWB charging you may require depending on what you want to achieve with your battery. Also, if you are looking for the best solar charge controller for RV, we often advise you to stick to this amazing brand.

Pros and Benefits

  • LCD screen display for digital control information
  • Can power all four PWM stages
  • Comes with battery temperature sensors
  • Compatible with all types of batteries

5. ALLPOWERS 20A Solar Charger Controller

We are always happy when we see brands that are very inclined to technology because this means more convenience and comfort. Technologically, this brand comes with two USB ports that mark it usable in almost all off-grid operations. It comes with a legible LCD that showcases all information relevant to the battery life of your solar-powered system.

Combined with this technology are very efficient functionalities that include three stages of charging management and four stages of PWM charging. Hence, whether you are looking for bulk, Abs, float, and any other type of charging for your battery, this single solar charge controller can help you achieve it. Furthermore, this product is furnished with industrial-grade STM 8 microprocessors that help to regulate the charging and discharging process.

 Furthermore, it comes with dual MOSFET reverse current protection that helps to dissipate heat faster and help in regulating the internal temperature of the battery for a longer lifespan. It is also protected from surges that may happen as a result of lightning strikes, and it is also very easy to install and set up.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Great heat disputation feature
  • Can support all four stages of PWM charging
  • Optimum current regulation

6. Renogy Wanderer Advanced PWM Negative Ground Solar Charge Controller

Enjoy the amazing features of this negative ground solar charger controller. The manufacturer has made sure that this device is carefully crafted to be compatible with any negative ground system. This device helps you to achieve a safe earth ground of any negative connection on the solar module to ensure an equalized battery and load balance. This amazing device is compatible with sealed, gel, and flooded batteries.

Most importantly, this device is capable of achieving all the four stages of BWM charging in any negative ground system. Hence, you can give your solar-powered system the bulk, boost, float, and equalizing charging it requires in the most regularize manner ever. Hence, you are looking at the best PWM solar charge controller anyone can ever own.

Achieving these four stages of PWM charging will help to protect your solar-powered system from overcharging, undercharging, or experiencing overloading and short circuit. It also helps in preventing your system from over-discharging and reverse polarity.

Furthermore, this device comes with a temperature sensor that helps prevent high temperatures that may result in battery damage. It will automatically regularize the charging and discharging parameters that will in the long run improve your battery's lifespan. Never again would you have to deal with frequent battery replacement. Also, it comes with LED indicators that help you to stay informed about the controller's status.

Pros and Benefits

  • Compatible with sealed, gel and flooded batteries
  • Comes with LED indicator
  • Automatic regularization feature
  • Can achieve all four PWM charging

7. GHB Solar Charge Controller

Here is another 20-ampere battery that is very compatible with battery with a capacity of 12 to 24 voltages. We love the aesthetic feel of this device, and even though it is arguable that aesthetics isn't necessary to determine a good solar charge controller, it is an extra feature worth considering. Hence, you get to enjoy an aesthetically crafted exterior with functions such as dual USB ports and an ultra-sleek LCD.

The LCD is designed with a built-in energy-saving feature that helps to ensure not so much energy is invested in powering it. It then works to showcase all relevant information that will give you a clear understanding of how your controller is working to save your battery. Furthermore, this controller comes fully automated as the manufacturers have worked to ensure you enjoy all the lifespan that your battery can give in the most convenient of ways ever.

What this means is that you can bid over-charging and over-discharging a goodbye; No more power surges, short circuits, or internal temperature that could have a damaging effect on your solar powered-system. It also gives sufficient protection against reverse polarity, lightning strikes, and under-voltage circulation.

Pros and Benefits

  • Great aesthetic with built-in energy-saving LCD
  • Fully automated protection
  • Internal temperature regulation
  • Great amperage and voltage capacity

8. Sunix Solar Charge Controller

We are always eager to bring to you brands like this because we know how easier they can make charging your solar-powered device be. When it comes to getting a fully automated solar charge controller, this device seems to be an epitome of standards. There is hardly anything you would get from even the most expensive of charge controllers that you wouldn't get from this brand.

Firstly, it has a charge current and discharges current of 20 amperes, and it is compatible with batteries with the capacity between 12 to 24 volts. This voltage shall be automatically selected so that the charger controller can best serve the connected device adequately. You no longer have to complain about voltage loss anymore as this brand is equipped with double MOS series circuit control that works to reduce voltage loss to up to 50%.

Also, it comes with dual USB ports, and a large LCD screen that helps to showcase all the relevant information as far as regulating your solar-powered system is concerned. The LCD screen also helps you in selecting the proper protection and work mode that suits different conditions. Furthermore, this device offers complete protection against over-charging, overloading, undercharging, and even over-discharging. You are also protected from lightning strikes, power surges, reverse polarity, and even short circuits.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Large LCD screen with bold function features
  • Double MOS series circuit
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes

9. HQST PWM Common Positive Solar Charge Controller

Here is a charge controller with a wide range of work modes which allows you to select the one that best suits your load requirement. It is so flexible and functional that all the controlling parameters can be adjusted and reset to meet your individual preference. That is why this product remains one of the best MPPT solar charge controllers you can purchase.

It wor5ks well with any solar-powered device with 12 to 24 volts capacity, and they are automatically recognized by the controller to meet their specific needs. It also comes with dual USB ports and a large LCD that affords you all the flexibility and support that you need. These dual USB ports allow you to charge your electronic devices as well as connect any other solar device that may be supported by the charge controller. Looking at the exterior you are already confident of the sturdiness that comes with it.

The device is made from the highest-grade ABS plastic with waterproof p[protection to give it all the protection it needs. Furthermore, this brand comes with temperature compensation that helps to automatically adjust the charging parameters to protect your connected devices against overcharging, undercharging, and overloading. This also protects the device from internal overheating that may result in damage. Thus, all connected devices are also protected against lightning strikes, short circuits, reverse polarity, and power surges.

Pros and Benefits

  • Temperature compensation feature
  • Full LCD with dual USB ports
  • Fully automated protection features
  • Compatible with all types of batteries.

How to Select Solar Charger Controller?

Selecting the best charger controller brands could be very tricky. However, we have relied on our amazing experts to identify these key factors you must consider before choosing a solar charger controller. In choosing this best solar charger controller category, our experts identified that a good solar charger controller must offer fully automated protection.

The use of a solar charge controller will be a waste if you have to make an effort in controlling what and what protection you need at intervals. Hence, your controller must be capable of automatically detecting a situation and take steps to protect your solar-powered devices from it. That is the only way your devices can be protected from overload, overcharging, undercharging, discharging, and so on.

Also, watch out for the extra features. Something must distinct the best from the rest. Extra features could be dual USB ports, larger and easy to use an LCD screen, LED indicators, and sometimes a remote control feature. All of these are added values.

Furthermore, your solar charger controller must be ready to use or at least very easy to set up. There's no point in using complicated manuals to set up a device when there are others that are even easy to set up. They must also offer temperature compensation that helps to regulate damaging temperature fluctuations.


It is just not right to have invested greatly in your solar-powered devices only to have them damaged when trying to get them charged. While you can only try to monitor the charging processes of your device, it may get tiring. That is why you need the best solar charge controllers to fully protect your devices and give them the perfect regularization they need to remain long-lasting.

We have provided you with the best of brands that this year can currently offer, and we hope they give you the maximum protection we have carefully noted that they are capable of giving you. We have trusted the best of hands to select these brands, and now it is left for you to make your choice.

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