Best Solar Flood Lights – 9 Our Reviews 2020

best solar flood lights

We understand that it can be quite overwhelming to select just one solar flood light from the several models available on the market. That is why we have selected and reviewed some of the best solar flood lights on the market. If you ever need flood light for your immediate outdoor environment, these are some of the best solar options.


Top 9 Best Solar Flood Lights from Our Reviews



Working time



Richarm Solar Flood Lights

6- 8 hours


RuggedGrade Solar Motion LED Flood Light

8 hours


KUFUNG Solar Flood Lights

6 hours


CLY Solar Flood Light

8 - 10 hours


HULPPRE Solar Flood Light

6 - 8 hours


Solar Light Mart Solar Security Floodlight

7 - 12 hours


MJIYA Solar Flood Light

10 hours


CYBERDAX Solar Flood Light

3 - 8 hours


VOSONX Solar Flood Light

4 - 6 hours

1. Richarm Solar Flood Lights – Overall Best

These Richarm Solar Flood Lights are some of the best you can get. Each light features 42 LEDs with a rating of 800 lumens, bright enough to for decorative, illumination, and security purposes. It is not just enough for a flood light to be bright, the light effect should also cover sufficient space. Both lights have a wide-angle of 60° each, give them the ability to cover an area of 430 square feet. Energy converted from sunlight through the panels is stored in a Lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2200 mAh. When fully charged, the lights can stay on for up to 8 hours.

What we found most impressive about the lights is the remote control feature incorporated into the design. This makes it possible to control the lights from a distance. Furthermore, there is an automatic shutdown feature that works with a timer to shut the lights down at a preset time. With an IP65 rating, the lights are adequately weatherproof.

The die-cast aluminum and durable ABS materials ensure durability.

Pros + Key Features

  • IP65 Waterproof
  • 2,200 mAh large lithium-ion battery
  • Remote control feature
  • Die-cast aluminium built with ABS plastic material
  • It comes with a 16.4 ft cable
  • High-Efficiency Photoelectric Solar Panel

2. RuggedGrade Solar Motion LED Flood Light

If you are really concerned about the durability in a solar light, the RuggedGrade Solar Motion LED Flood Light is one of the fixtures you should consider before making a final choice. One of the most impressive features is the 1000-lumen brightness of the light fixture. It does more than just decorating your outdoor space; it brightens up the environment, making it more secure. You don’t have to manually control the switch, as it will automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. You also get three different lighting modes.

It is well protected against water, heat, frost, rust, and other negative environmental effects. Another impressive feature is the large battery capacity; the 8000 mAh capacity is higher than what you’ll get in most solar flood lights. The highlight is the motion sensor that automatically increases the brightness level when motion is detected. The aluminum, hard plastic, and toughened glass construction, in addition to the overall rugged construction makes it one of the most durable options on our list.

Pros + Key Features

  • Powerful 8000 mAh battery
  • Motion detector
  • Three lighting modes
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 1000 Lumens
  • 10 – 12 hours run time

3. KUFUNG Solar Flood Lights

This KUFUNG solar light is one of the best solar flood lights with motion sensor. It has both a profound decorative effect and impressive security capabilities. The lights come with two 180-degree active joints, so you can adjust them to your preferred angle. The motion sensor is a really impressive feature, designed to detect any motion within 10 – 25 feet in a 120 degree range.

In contrast to the panels that come with typical solar flood lights, these lights come with polysilicon solar panels that are about 1.25 times more efficient.

The lights are powered by a 2200 mAh battery that has a charge time of just six hours. Furthermore, the IP67 waterproof rating of the lights is one of the best you will get in flood lights. There are three different unique lighting modes that combine with the motion detector for a dependable security effect. The compact joint design makes the lights really easy to install, and as there is no wiring needed, you should be able to get through the installation process in no time.

Pros + Key Features

  • IP67 waterproof rating
  • 180 degrees adjustable joints
  • Three unique lighting mode
  • Polysilicon solar panels
  • Motion detector

4. CLY Solar Flood Light

The CLY Solar Flood Light is one of the best solar landscape flood lights. It comes with 60 super bright LEDs that produce a brightness level of 300 lumen which can be spread over the 120-degree beam angle. The panel has been upgraded to a larger size, and as such, it can better harness energy from sunlight. The light is powered by a 4000 mAh Lithium-Ion battery that has a run time of 8 – 10 hours, when fully charged. Furthermore, it is one of the more durable options with its die-cast aluminum and tempered glass.

The light has a waterproof rating of IP66, which is a god rating for outdoor solar fixtures. You don’t need to worry about damage from water, dust, or any other related weather element. With this light, you don’t have to walk up to the panel daily to switch the lights on and off as there is an automatic system that handles that. Installation is quite easy, and the light is versatile enough to be installed on the wall or placed on the ground for landscape lighting.

Pros + Key Features

  • Automatic on/off
  • Large solar panels
  • 4000 mAh Lithium-ion battery
  • 120 degrees beam
  • 8 – 10 hours run time

5. HULPPRE Solar Flood Light

The highlight of this HULPPRE Solar Flood Light is the unique auto mode design that varies the brightness level of the lights based on the battery status. This ensures that the light stays on from dusk to dawn. Impressively, there is a remote control features that give you control over essential features from any distance up to 65 ft. Even with the remote control feature, it still has the automatic on/off feature. The light features about 70 LEDs and puts out a brightness level of 1000 lumens.

With an IP65 waterproof rating, the light has proper protection against the negative effects of weather elements. Just like you would expect, it’s very easy to install, and you should be able to get through the installation process in no time, even if you are not so handy. The package comes with all the essential accessories needed for the installation and use of the flood light. There are many uses for the HULPPRE Solar Flood Light, but in particular, it is one of the best flood lights for backyard.

Pros + Key Features

  • 1000 lumens output
  • Remote control feature with 65 ft range
  • IP54 waterproof rating
  • 16.4 ft cable
  • Unique auto mode design

6. Solar Light Mart Solar Security Floodlight

The Solar Light Mart Solar Security Floodlight is one of the options suitable for both commercial and residential use. The light comes with 84 LEDs that come together to produce 730 lumens of brightness, while using a meager 6 watts of power, even on the full mode. A unique passive-infrared motion sensor that can detect motion within 10 – 12 meter range is incorporated into the design to keep intruders off. There are three different lighting modes with varying levels of brightness from which you choose your preferred one.

Whichever lighting mode you select, the light will only turn on when it is dark, as it controlled by an automatic on/off feature. The light is powered by a strong 2500 mAh Lithium battery with impressive thermal stability. Durability is ensured by the industrial-grade casing and aluminum solar panel. The light can withstand the harsh effect of the outdoor environment and has an IP65 waterproof rating. If what you need is a durable light for residential or commercial use, this is one of the best high powered solar flood lights available.

Pros + Key Features

  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • 2500 mAh battery capacity
  • 730 lumen output
  • PIR motion sensor

7. MJIYA Solar Flood Light

It is not too ideal to over-illuminate your exterior space, so if your outdoor space is not so big, you may want to check out this MJIYA Solar Flood Light. It produces a brightness level of 400 lumen, which is not the brightest, but still perfect for smaller outdoor spaces. The aluminum solar panel is really effective in capturing and converting energy from the sunlight and storing it in the 4000 mAh lithium battery.

The light is rated IP65 waterproof. It is well sealed against moisture, dust, and other negative effects of the weather elements. While it is not made out of metal, the ABS plastic frame is durable enough to withstand its use over a long time. With a flood light like this, you don’t have to bother about the installation, as it is a simple process you can carry out without any professional input. Even with the simplicity of the design, it is one of the best outdoor solar flood lights.

 Pros + Key Features

  • Natural white light
  • Aluminum 5W solar panel
  • IP65 waterproof
  • 108 super bright LED
  • 4000 mAh lithium battery

8. CYBERDAX Solar Flood Light

This CYBERDAX Solar Flood Light is one of the best solar LED flood lights you can get for your outdoor space and special events. At first, we couldn’t believe the 5000-lumen rating of the flood light, but we have since discovered that it is one of the brightest flood lights compared to its contemporaries. Also, it comes with a remote control feature with which you can control essential functions from any distance up to 15 meters. It comes with a 100w panel and 196 LEDs that have a coverage of up to 300 square meters.

The highest capacity battery on or list comes with the CYBERDAX Solar Flood Light. With an unimaginable 36000 mAh battery, there is no way the light won’t last through the night, if fully charged. The light also has a beam angle of 120 degrees, so you can be sure that it will cover a lot of space with its high brightness level. Installation is also quite straightforward, and there are two different installation modes: hanging or fixed with screws. The internal elements are also well protected against weather elements.

Pros + Key Features

  • 5000 lumens
  • Remote control feature
  • 20 hour run time
  • 120 degree beam angle
  • IP67 waterproof rating 

9. VOSONX Solar Flood Light

Yes, it is possible to have a flood light that serves security and decorative purposes at the same time. The VOSONX Solar Flood Light ozone of the few lights that combine aesthetics with functionality. The lights have a wide beam angle of 270 degrees, much more than you will get in typical solar flood lights. The beaming light produced by the light serves areas up to 30 square meters. You won’t have to manually switch the light on/off, as there is an automatic feature that switches it on at dusk and off and dawn.

The lights are powered by a 1800 mAh Lithium battery that has a charge time of 6 hours. However, the lights stay on for only 6 hours if fully charged. With a lifespan of up to 5000 hours, it is one of the more durable flood lights. It is rated as IP65 commercial grade waterproof and heatproof, so you can be sure that the internal components are well protected. The installation is straightforward, and all the accessories needed are included in the package.

Pros + Key Features

  • IP65 commercial grade waterproof
  • 270 degrees wide beam angle
  • 1800 mAh battery
  • Motion detector included

Things to Think Before You Buy a Solar Flood Light

You should never jump on the market and buy a light fixture when you are not sufficiently informed about the features and factors to look out for. Here are some of the critical features that can help you make a better solar flood light option.


The brightness level of a solar flood light is one of the important features you have to consider before buying. The brightness level is typically rated in lumens, and the higher the lumen, the brighter the light is. Flood lights do much more than just decorate the environment, they are mainly used for illumination and security reasons, and as such, they need to be really bright. On the other hand, if you need the lights for decorative purposes, there are solar flood lights with sufficiently low flood lights.

Battery Type

Solar lights are powered by rechargeable batteries, and three common types used in with solar light fixtures. NiMH batteries may not produce the brightest light, but they do last for a long time. NiCAD batteries are typically more powerful than NiMH batteries. The most powerful batteries that can come with a solar light are Lithium-Ion Batteries. Battery type is not the most important feature to consider in a solar flood light, but it does help to know the type of rechargeable battery coming with a light.

Battery Capacity

Perhaps, battery capacity is even a more important factor to consider than battery type. The battery capacity, rated in mAh, significantly influences the run time of the light. While a higher battery typically signifies a higher run time, you should also know that it implies a longer charge time.


As flood lights are majorly used for security reasons, you should check out features that enhance the functionality of the lights in that sector. The most important sensor a solar flood light should have is the photosensor that automatically switches the light on/off. The motion detector is also another feature you should check out for as it detects motion and warns intruders off.


There are many solar flood lights to choose from, both solar options and the typical electric options. Nonetheless, we have selected and reviewed some of the best solar powered flood light options you can get on the market. These are all handpicked models that we have tested out, and with careful consideration of customer feedback, we put out our personal opinion of these lights. It doesn’t matter if you need flood lights for security or decorative purposes, one of these several lights will serve your purpose.

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