Best Solar Inverters – Top 8 Our Reviews 2020

Best Solar Inverters

Solar panels are not enough to give you the alternative power supply that you need. You need a solar inverter to help you convert direct current, trapped by the photovoltaic cells on solar panels, into usable alternative currents. That is why you must invest in the best solar inverters that the market can offer.


Top 8 Best Solar Inverters from Our Reviews



Peak Efficiency



SUNGOLDPOWER 6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

 88 %


Samlex Solar Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter



WZRELB 3000W Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter

85 - 90 %


Grandel 1200Watt Solar Power Inverter

>85 %


AIMS Power 24 Volt Pure Sine Solar Inverter



Renogy 1000W Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter



ECO-WORTHY 1000W Solar Grid Tie Inverter Power Limiter

90 %


IMeshbean 500W Grid Tie MPPT Power Inverter Converter

90 %

1. SUNGOLDPOWER 6000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Taking note that sine wave inverters are the best form of inverters, this amazing device is crafted to be a sine wave inverter that is designed to give you a remarkable power supply alternative.  It comes with a pre-installed battery charger advantage, an auto-transfer switch that works together to create an all-in-one solar inverter. Converting your direct currents to alternative currents has never been this easy. All thanks to the AC default priority.

With this default priority, the battery charges first while the inverter transfers the right amount of alternative currents to power the load. This battery priority charging is as a result of the pre-installed DIP switch. Furthermore, to provide the best of alternative power supply, this product also comes with an auto-gen start. This auto-gen start helps to automatically switch the gen on as soon as the battery voltage goes low.

The alarm comes on to trigger the auto-gen start. Also, the device can be operated using a remote control, and you can monitor the inverter via the LCD feature.  As far as protection is concerned, this device is adequately protected. The internal structure is protected against overheating, and it comes with an alarm for both low voltage charging and high voltage battery charging. It is also given back-feed protection.

Pros and Benefits

  • Well-protected from damaging currents
  • Remote controlled
  • Auto-gen start
  • Great watts-hour

2. Samlex Solar Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter

If you are looking for an excellent 300watts solar inverter that is reliable and highly efficient, then this brand seems to be one of the very best in that category. Not only is it one of the very best solar inverter for home, but it also remains one of the best inverters designed as a commercial-grade solar inverter. Hence, it is very suitable for heavy-duty purposes and continuous use. You shouldn’t also forget that this is a pure sine wave inverter.

Since it works to convert direct current into alternating currents, this brand is most ideal for DC ranging between 10.5 to 16.5 VDC. Hence, this device is an excellent emergency power backup inverter. This device comes with LED indicators to help display relevant information. To certify this brand as a leading brand, all necessary bodies that are required to certify a quality solar inverter certified this brand a quality brand for all purposes.

Thus, it isn’t surprising to see that this device comes heavily protected. First, you will not experience overheating while using this device. All thanks to the temperature cooling fan already pre-installed within the solar inverter.  This also helps to reduce rapid energy consumption. You will also enjoy universal protection circuits that work together to protect you from power surges, low or high voltage, high temperature, overload, and short circuit.

Pros and Benefits

  • Pure sine wave inverter
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial purposes
  • Universal protection circuit feature
  • Cooling fan to reduce overheating

3. WZRELB 3000W Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter

Here is another 3000watts solar inverter that is one of the best solar grid-tie inverters you can currently own. It was crafted for excellence, and by the best minds in the solar power industry. At 60Hz frequency, it is designed to be able to transfer and convert 12VDC into 120VAC at a time. It does this without any form of overheating all thanks to the pre-installed temperature cooling fan that helps to keep the solar inverter cool while working.

It is designed with the latest technology to deliver the best result. Thus, you will enjoy a full digital display of all the most relevant information you need to know about the solar inverter. Furthermore, the internal structure is fabricated with pure copper inductance that helps to filter out every other unnecessary wave so that you can enjoy just pure sine wave Ac output.

Also, it comes with an extra thick 2MM PCB board that helps to expand your load capacity. This device is fit for both domestic and commercial purposes as it comes protected against all damaging voltages as well as power surges.

Pros and Benefits

  • Extra-thick PCB board for extended load capacity
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial purposes
  • Adequate protection
  • Pure sine wave inverter

4. Grandel 1200Watt Solar Power Inverter

Anytime you see a solar inverter than comes with a remote controller, then you should strongly consider it especially if it is one of the best micro inverters for solar panels. This type of solar inverters offers so much flexibility as well as very high efficiency. It works at very high efficiency to convert 12VDC to 120VAC for your premium AC output. It also offers 2400watts of peak power at a standard 1200watts of continuous output power.

One amazing feature of this soar inverter is its multipurpose advantage that is apparent in its USB port feature that makes this inverter system compatible with RV tuck solar systems. Hence, you can use it for domestic and commercial purposes. You will also enjoy a premium LED indicator display to give you a hint about the system’s power voltage capacity.

Furthermore, it has dual AC outlets that serve as multiple power outlets for all your appliances, and it does all of this without overheating. All thanks to the integrated cooling fan that works to prevent the inverter from overheating. This device is not only protected against overheating but also against power surges, overcharging or low voltage charging, overload, short circuit, and so on. The exterior is crafted from aluminum alloy for further protection against drops and bumps.

Pros and Benefits

  • Sturdily crafted with aluminum alloy for maximum protection
  • Internally protected against all damaging factors
  • Amazing wattage and watt-hour capacity
  • USB ports and multiple AC outputs

5. AIMS Power 24 Volt Pure Sine Solar Inverter

It is not every day you get to see a solar inverter with the capacity of 6000watts when supplying a continuous output power, and 18000watts when operating at peak power mode. This solar inverter has embodied technology to the fullest and delivering at a very high-efficiency rate.

This inverter system is capable of transferring 12VDC into 120/240 VAC all at a single output, making the inverter a choice brand for lovers of multiple purpose inverters. Hence, whether you seek a domestic or commercial purpose inverter, this device has got you covered. It is well protected with universal protection circuits that help to keep the internal system away from overheating, overload, overcharging or undercharging. This device is also protected against power surges as well as lightning surge.

Furthermore, it comes with the DIP switches feature that helps you to activate a battery priority mode. Also, it has an auto-gen start feature that ensures adequate backup protection for your solar inverter, and to prevent it from damage. The integrated cooling fan also helps to keep the system cool.
Pros and Benefits

  • Auto-gen start features
  • DIP switch for setting priority
  • Universal protection circuits
  • Temperature cooling fan

6. Renogy 1000W Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter

If you are looking for the best solar inverter, then you probably just found one. This solar inverter will transfer up to 12VDC into 120VAC making it one of the nicest pure sine wave solar inverter you can ever invest in. It also comes with a wired remote control that offers the exact flexibility you need. The wire is nineteen feet long, and it gives adequate room to stay remotely and operate this device.

It is excellent for all off-grid solar power purposes. Hence, this single solar will help you convert as many alternative currents as possible for your domestic and commercial purpose. To ensure it says cool while at the conversion stage, it comes with an integrated high ventilation fan that helps to cool the solar inverter and prevent it from overheating.

Furthermore, this brand comes with a LED indicator that helps alert you when the inverter is overloading, overheating, or experiencing short circuit or high voltage. Also, this device comes with a USB port that makes the inverter useful even in RV trucks, speed boats, and other compatible devices.

Pros and Benefits

  • USB ports feature
  • Suitable for all off-grid purposes
  • Excellent wattage
  • Universal protection circuit with LED indicator

7. ECO-WORTHY 1000W Solar Grid Tie Inverter Power Limiter

For grid-tie purposes, this brand is one of the best solar grid-tie inverters money can buy. This is because it comes at a very low maintenance cost, and it is very easy to install. It consumes power at the lowest rate, and it comes with all the protection that a good solar inverter needs. Thus, you get to enjoy a universal protection circuit that prevents the inverter from damaging surges.

Hence, you don’t have to bother about overheating temperature, high voltages, and overcharging as well as lightning surges. You also get to enjoy a free combination that incorporates the SGPV feature that helps you to achieve a separate grid-tie system. Hence, you can set up a large solar array, and you can use it as an independent grid to suit your preference.

Also, this solar inverter comes with a full-screen display that gives you full information about all internal development within the solar inverter. To prevent the inverter from overheating, it comes with an integrated temperature cooling fan that works noiselessly to achieve the most effective cooling condition.

Pros and Benefits

  • Free combination SGPV feature
  • Integrated cooling fan
  • Low power consumption
  • LED screen display

8. IMeshbean 500W Grid Tie MPPT Power Inverter Converter

This is also a sine wave inverter that is created for solar grids only. This inverter will deliver efficiently to enable you to have an amazing alternative power supply. It is a 500Wat Dc input voltage inverter that works only with 12V solar panels.

It comes adequately protected. It has an aluminum exterior that gives adequate protection to the inverter system against bumps and falls. The internal structure has a cooling system that works to reduce internal heat within the inverter. This inverter is also designed to automatically shut down if their low voltage or if the inverter is overcharging. This extends to when the inverter is experiencing short circuits, power surges, and lightning surges.

Furthermore, his device is stackable. If you require a very powerful inverter, you can stack up multiple pieces of this inverter. They will work together as one and not conflict with each other. It is also very easy to install and has over 90% of the solar grid-tie inverter.

Pros and Benefits

  • It is stackable
  • It comes protected
  • Has temperature cooling fan
  • 90% grid-tie inverter

Choosing a Solar Inverter - Things to Consider

Every solar power system needs a solar invert to function properly. The way the solar power works, as an alternative means for conventional energy supply, is by using the photovoltaic cells of the solar panel to trap the solar energy. This solar energy is then stored into the battery as a direct current that cannot be used by most of your appliances directly.

What you then need is a solar inverter that turns the direct current into alternative currents that your device then understands. That is why you need to seek out the best inverters for solar panels to do this very job for you. This is because no matter how large a solar panel, it cannot produce an alternating current on its own except with the help of a solar inverter.

How then can you choose an inverter? If it is so easy to select solar inverters why then do we need to read a guide to guide us through the process? The truth is there are many brands to choose from but each has a specification that is unique for a particular purpose. Knowing what you need and getting more information about the major highlights of a solar inverter will help you to choose the right brand for you. some of these highlights and information that will allow you to choose rightly include:

Know the Types

There are broadly three types of inverter, and this classification is majorly based on the type of waves used by the inverter to convert stored energy into usable electricity. There are sine wave inverters that work with full specifications and which is quite expensive than other types of inverters. This is because almost all equipment works on sine waves.

Sinewaves also reduce overheating within your inverter system, and this will result in a longer lifespan for the inverter. There are also modified sine waves inverters and square wave inverters. The square wave inverters are the cheapest the square inverter may give slightly noisy sound when in use but they are also great inverters depending on which of the inverters best suit your purpose.

How Protected is the Solar Inverters

Your solar inverter must be adequately protected from damaging situations such as overheating or surges that may be caused by lightning. The lifespan of your solar grid depends on how much protection your solar inverter has. Hence, your best solar power inverter comes with internal protection that allows the inverter to shut down automatically after sensing a power surge or imbalanced current that may damage the battery.

Watts and Watt Hours

Knowing the watt-hour of your solar inverter will help you understand how long your inverter can work for. Watt and watt-hour are not the same even when people tend to mistake them for the same thing. Watt is the only measure of how much power your solar inverter uses that isn't such a big deal. A huge wattage capacity doesn't make a great solar inverter. What makes a great solar inverter is watt-hours.

A watt-hour simply means how long your solar inverter can run its wattage capacity. Hence if your solar inverter is a 60watts inverter, for instance, and it can run for 10 hours, all you have to do is to multiply the 60watts voltage by 10, and that makes the watt-hour for that solar inverter 600.

Make Sure Your Brand is Certified

Finally, make sure that whatever brand you are buying is certified by an independent testing body as well as every other governmental agency that guarantees standards and safety. This is important to ensure the brand can be trusted to deliver quality. Hence, you wouldn't be investing in a dangerous device.


It is never a bad idea to have alternative power sources. It helps you to save quite a lot of electricity costs but buying solar panels is just never enough. You need the best solar inverters to help you convert the trapped direct current into the usable alternative current for all your appliances.

Interestingly, our team of experts has put together a list of top ten brands that will work very efficiently in making sure any money you spend on any of the products is considered a great investment. Select any of these brands, according to your preference and budget, and we assure you a remarkable experience.

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