Best Solar Pathway Lights – Top 9 Our Reviews 2020

Best Solar Pathway Lights

You, too, can enjoy the radiance of a perfectly lit pathway without incurring so much in electricity cost. However, with so many choices of light brands, it is quite difficult to choose the best solar pathway lights. Our team of experts has worked tirelessly to bring you the top nine solar pathway lights.


Top 9 Best Solar Path Lights from Our Reviews



Working time



Beau Jardin Solar Pathway Lights

8-12 hours


TomCare Torchlight Solar Lights

12 hours


Gigalumi Solar Pathway Lights

+10 hours


Homeimpro Solar Lanterns

6 hours


TomCare Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lights

5 - 10 hours


Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light

6 - 8 hours


GardenBliss Best Solar Lights

4 - 6 hours


Esgarden Solar Pathway Lights

8 hours


Moonrays Richmond Solar Metal Pathway Light

6-8 hours

1. Beau Jardin Solar Pathway Lights

You hardly find any light that can help you achieve both decorative and safety purpose but this light right here is the real deal. Not only do you have an eight-in-one solar pathway light, but you also have them with all amazing functions.  First, it is crafted from anti-rust stainless steel poles and a premium fabricated glass that houses the LED bulbs.

The construction is then protected by an IP64 water resistance which guarantees you that durability that you crave. This is one of the best solar powered landscape lights that will solve all your light issues because of its multipurpose properties. Hence whether in the garden, driveway, or walkway, this light has got you covered.

Furthermore, this device is very easy to set up and use. This is because you don't have to deal with wire installation or complicated assembling process. The installation process is something you can do entirely by yourself without having to incur more costs by hiring a professional installer. Enjoy up to twelve hours of premium light with auto on and off feature.

Pros and Benefits

  • All-weather protection
  • Easy to install
  • Amazing working hour
  • Sturdy construction and amazing features

2. TomCare Torchlight Solar Lights

This device is one of the most reliable devices you will get in the market. With a battery capacity of 2200mAh, you will enjoy up to ten hours of quality ambiance light around your home at no additional cost. It is a perfect alternative to power-consuming incandescent lights, and it is even more beautiful.

They come four in a pack and you would wish you could have more. This is because aside from their awesome ambiance light quality, these lights are also great decorative lights, all thanks to the dancing flame light feature that creates an appealing illumination scenery in your pathway. It is ingeniously crafted to be sturdy and reliable. It is crafted from metal and beautifully pattern high-quality ABS plastic.

Also, it is protected with waterproof resistance that protects the product against rain and other water elements. It is also protected against extreme heat, and as such you will enjoy topnotch durability for such a long time. Furthermore, the installation is very easy. You do not need wires or seek professional help. Just spike the pre-installed lamps into the ground.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • No maintenance is needed
  • Works for longer hours
  • Crafted to be durable

3. Gigalumi Solar Pathway Lights

This is one of the best solar pathway lights built to withstand all weather conditions. Hence, come rain or sunsh9ine, this solar pathway light will stand them all and give you that durability you crave. It is designed with integrated solar panels that take just six hours to charge and can give you up to ten hours of impressive illumination. 

It is aesthetically crafted to serve decorative purposes. The manufacturers have made sure glass lens are layered nobly with tiered ripples. The lens is then set on a metal pole that is finished with a bronze coat. Hence, this six-in-one lamp set is sturdily constructed to be very reliant with enough resistance to leaving you are outdoor with a sense of decorative glamour.

It is powered with excellent LED lumens with a warm white light that is powerful enough to create a sense of security around your home. This device is also very easy to install in minutes. Just spike the already pre-installed light unit into the ground and enjoy impressive illumination.

Pros and Benefits

  • Safety and decorative light purposes
  • Impressive lumen capacity
  • Sturdy construction with all-weather protection
  • Easy to install

4. Homeimpro Solar Lanterns

Bring that dramatic but very appealing ambiance into your outdoor space by adding this solar light. It is beautifully designed with stainless steel and crafted into a crescent moon, and in the center of the moon lies an exotic glass lens that harbors an LED bulb. You are going to enjoy a 360-degree light patterned light angle with this product, and you will be proud of it.

At a forty-inch height, these lamps will gloriously adore any desired corner of your home with rustic sophistication. To assure you of excellence and quality, the manufacturers have thought to include an IP44 grade water protection which is enough to give reassuring protection during rainstorms and against water elements. It is also double coated to give enough protection against damaging heat.

Furthermore, it comes with an auto-switch feature that makes the light come on naturally when it is dark, and go off as soon as the day breaks. Although the light is estimated to last for six hours these six hours would be the most beautiful hours of the night for your home. Overall, it is easy to install and very easy to maintain with no extra wiring to fix.

Pros and Benefits

  • Classy design with a touch of rustic pattern
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Top-notch water resistance and heat protection
  • 360-degree pattered light angle.

5. TomCare Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lights

If you are looking for the best solar led landscape lights, with a flickering flame feature, then this product is one of the perfect choices you will ever make. It comes with two lamp posts in a pack, and these lamps have been perfected for decorative outdoor excellence. It comes with an auto on and off switch that alternate this lamp between night and day so that you wouldn't have to stress much.

Thus, you can relax and let all the premium features of this lamp do all the job for you. It is sturdily constructed using metal pole and high-quality ABS plastic. The poles are coated in black for perfect anti-rust resistance, and the solar panels and the entire light structure have been secured tightly with reliable waterproof protection. Hence, you have a quality all-weather protected product that gives you that long-lasting feature you seek.

Also, it is easy to install, and you wouldn't be incurring costs looking for professional help. Just buy and spike deep into the ground. No wiring or tapings and you are set to enjoy a light power that can last for up to ten hours.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdily constructed with all-weather protection
  • Amazing light time
  • Faster to charge

6. Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light

Get enchanted with this decorative lamp with impressive lumen capacity. It is almost like enjoying the beauty of both worlds. You will walk around your garden and outdoor space feeling safe and secured but yet marveled at the patterns cast on your outdoor space. Each of the lights comes with a 360-degree light focus that gives complete illumination to your outdoor space.

To make these features possible, the manufacturers made certain to include a 1200mAh battery which charges faster and can give up to ten hours of light. You won't just be having just one but six lights in a single pack of this product, making it one of the most economical pathway lights you can get currently. Also, this device comes with automatic on and off switch that works to make sure the light comes on at the appropriate hours.

It is made from metal poles and glass lens with all-weather and waterproof protection to keep the light safe and functional for durable use. Furthermore, this device is very easy to install and maintain without having to incur more expenses seeking professional aid.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to set up
  • Auto on switch
  • All-weather protection
  • Sturdily constructed

7. GardenBliss Best Solar Lights

The tasteful design was the major aim of the manufacturers when they were making this product, and you will be pleased with this amazing pathway light. The design isn't just made to be tasteful it was made to be long-lasting. With an estimated 30,000 working hours, you are certain that you are making the right investment.

Also, you have enough light to go round an average space because, in a pack, you'd get eight pieces of ultra-LED pathway lights. This light can also be used in all areas of your home insofar you are installing outdoors. Hence, you can use it in your driveways, gardens, patios. The light is also rated as one of our best solars led landscape lights.

It comes with waterproof resistance that will keep the light safe from rain and other water inclined activities. Since it is made from quality ABS, you are also certain to enjoy resistance against damaging heat. 

In terms of installation, it is easy to install. Jut spike into your most designed outdoor spot, and you are good to go. Furthermore, it takes between eight to ten hours to get fully charged, and you can enjoy up to twelve hours of lights.

Pros and Benefits

  • Powerful LED lights
  • Auto switch function
  • Easy to install
  • Quality materials with all-weather protection

8. Esgarden Solar Pathway Lights

It is nothing but beautiful to work on a pathway lined by wonderful light patterns, and this solar pathway light comes with patterns that will excite you. It gives a full decorative advantage to your outdoor space as well as great illumination that is welcoming. You will walk on moons and star patterns that are just spectacular.

To usher this spectacular sight is a sturdy structure of metal poles and metal frames that house a warm yellow LED radiance. These features are even quite unrivaled by some best solar walkway lights. It comes with no wires or separate solar panels. Hence, it is great for space management, and it is also very easy to install.

You will also be enjoying full weather protection against rain or heat. This light is just that perfect solar light investment you've been trying to make. When fully charged, you will enjoy even up to eight hours of welcoming illumination. For a pack of this product, you get to enjoy six amazing lamps that are just a perfect deal.

Pros and Benefits

  • Amazing decorative advantage
  • Easy to install
  • Brilliant illumination
  • All-weather protection

9. Moonrays Richmond Solar Metal Pathway Light

If you crave a 360-angled light you will be making a perfect choice settling with this device. Although a pack of this product comes with two lamps with the 360-degree light angle it gives, it remains quite unrivaled by other best solar garden path lights. You will enjoy a perfectly lit ambiance powered by two full LED lamps, and with perfectly lit surroundings comes a sense of safety and security.

These solar pathway lights are capable of emitting up to thirty lumens of lights which is almost three times powerful than what you will normally find in other standard solar lights. To make this even more impressive, this device comes fully protected. Hence, you enjoy quality resistance against water and humidity as well as against extreme heat.

When fully charged, it can give up to eight hours of light which is sufficient to carry you all through the night. Furthermore, this device comes with an auto switch feature that ensures the light comes on and off at the appropriate time. Also, since it doesn't come with external wires or separate solar panels, installation then becomes quite easy, and at no additional cost.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Powerful 360-degree light angle
  • Auto-switch feature
  • All-weather proof protection

Choosing a Solar Path Light - Things to Consider?

Not all the light you find in the market will give you that satisfactory function you crave. There are so many substandard products, packaged to look very exotic, in the market and one has to be very careful to make a wise investment.

In trying to guide you into making the right decision, our team of experts has also tried to identify certain factors in which you must consider when choosing the best outdoor solar lights. These were the same factors they considered in selecting the below listed top nine pathway lights, and we are happy to share.

1. What purpose are you aiming for?

The purpose you want to achieve with your best quality solar path light will determine the best product that rightly suits that purpose. Some products fit more into decorative purposes. This is because they are aesthetically pleasing and will add that pizzazz to your ambiance. These decorative lights come in various designs and patterns. They may not come in the brightest of light options but they will certainly do what you crave.

Some lights are best for security and safety purposes. These come in very bright LED options, and they light up for surroundings so smartly that you feel secure. Hence, a security light might not exactly always satisfy your decorative purposes and vice versa.

2. How much sun do you have in your location?

In having the assurance in all best rated solar pathway lights you need to be certain that your location has exposure to certain hours of sunlight daily. Since we are talking about the use of solar energy to replace conventional electricity, there is a need to have these solar lights under direct sunlight for a certain number of hours.

Hence, your solar pathway light may not be as effective in a snowy location as it would have been effective in a sunny location. This is because averagely, a solar light could take between six to ten hours, under direct sunlight, to get charged.

3. What is the weather condition in your location?

Just like you need the right amount of sun to cater adequately for solar lights, other features must be present in your solar light for it to stand the test of time. Hence, in a snowy location or where heavy rain is experienced, there is a need for your best solar powered path lights to be furnished with the highest grade of waterproof resistance. This will make sure that water, to a large extent, does not affect or damage your light.

In areas with very humid or very sunny weather, damages caused by heat cannot be farfetched. Thus, it is important that the best solar path lights, to be installed in areas like this, comes with all-weather and heatproof protection to make sure the installed light stays durable and damage-free.


Having to decide on the best solar pathway lights to use for your outdoor space just became so much easy. Our team of experts has devoted time to scrutinize nine amazing best solar sidewalk lights that will transform your outdoor space.

Settling for any of these products will give you that feeling of right investment and eventual durability you so much crave. It is time to take that beautiful pathway of yours into the next level radiance it deserves, and any of our listed solar pathway lights will do that for you.

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