Best Solar Street Lights – 10 Our Reviews 2020

best solar street lights

It's high time you stopped spending, so much on electricity bills, just to create a well-illuminated outdoor space. You can always seek a better alternative. We have listed ten best solar street lights that will do more than what conventional street lights will do, and they come at no maintenance or extra cost.


10 Best Solar Street Lights & Our Reviews



Working time



Solar Light Mart Alpha 1080X Street Light

48 - 72 hours


Tenkoo LED Solar Street Light

60 hours


PSG 300W Solar Street Lights

24 + hours


Tenkoo 50Watts Solar Street Lights

24+ hours


Brillihood 12W LED Solar Street Light

5 - 8 hours


Yuelguang 15W Solar Street Light

24 + hours


Bestqool LED Solar Street Lights

15 - 17 hours


Szyoumy Solar Street Flood Lights

8 - 16 hours


RuggedGrade 24 Watt LED Solar Street Light

no data


GBGS Solar Street Light

8 hours

1. Solar Light Mart Alpha 1080X Street Light

With this brand, you can enjoy 1300 lumens of light all at once. This means you have a super light system that can supply such an overwhelming amount of light to transform your outdoor space. This is, even more, satisfying with the three brightness mode option that comes with this product.

The three brightness mode option comes with a PIR feature which works as a motion detector that activates the brightest light mode when motion is detected. Thus, you enjoy both the super illumination and the security-inclined feature that comes with this product.

Furthermore, not only is this product designed to have a sleek appearance, but you will also enjoy full tech-inclined features. This includes a tilt hinge that makes the light adjustable to any light angle you desire. It also comes with a lithium battery that is powered to supply up to twelve hours of overwhelming illumination. It also comes with all-weather protection that assures you of over 50,000 hours of constant and reliable use.

Pros and Benefits

  • PIR motion detector feature
  • 1300 lumens capacity with estimated 50,000 hours lifespan
  • All-weather protection feature
  • Four-axis rotation mounting bracket

2. Tenkoo LED Solar Street Light

With an IP65 waterproof grade, you already have a hint of how well-protected this brand is. The manufacturers crafted excellence and are making this masterpiece available at the most budget-friendly price ever. Powered by a 15.4 AH large lithium battery, this solar street light can give you up to sixty hours of dim light.

Having three brightness modes, you get to enjoy the flexibility of choosing the most suitable light mode for your outdoor space. It also comes with a motion sensor feature that activates the brightest mode. Overall, this light system is capable of supplying up to 2000 lumens of light that is far more than an average product will give you.

Furthermore, the polycrystalline silicon solar panel makes the solar system to charge faster as well as serves as an anti-corrosion agent to keep the device safe from all corrosive elements. It is very easy to install as it comes with no wires. All you have to do is mount right at a desired angle of 3.5M and enjoy up to 344 square feet of brilliant illumination.

Pros and Benefits

  • Motion and light sensor features
  • 2000 lumens capacity
  • All-weather protection and anti-corrosion feature
  • 60-hours light duration per charge

3. PSG 300W Solar Street Lights

This brand redefines what it means to have a solar street light. It comes with a remote control feature that makes it more comfortable to use and control the light features. Hence, you no longer have to climb ladders to change your light system into the desired feature. Also, it comes with 480 LEDs, and together they supply over 12000 lumens of bright white light.

You will be saving more than eighty percent electricity using this solar light set that is powered with a 48000mAh battery that is responsible for supplying over twelve hours of light per single charge. It comes in three brightness modes than you can switch between using the remote control. Also, it is designed to have a detachable solar panel. However, both the panel and the light are protected against water and damaging heat.

Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable bracket that helps you to adjust the light to the desired angle. It is also very easy to adjust as it doesn't come with a complicated wiring set-up or multiple parts needed to be coupled together.

Pros and Benefits

  •  All-weather protection
  • Easy to install
  • Three brightness modes
  • Rotatable tilt angles

4. Tenkoo 50Watts Solar Street Lights

This brand is designed with a monocrystalline photovoltaic panel which works to help you save more energy and convert the solar energy into consumable electricity at a faster rate. It comes designed with over a hundred LEDs that help to create a significant light ambiance over a wide space. Thus, this single solar street light brand can cover as wide as 968.7 square feet at once. 

Furthermore, it comes in three different brightness modes that you can alternate between to suit your purpose. The brightest of these modes is activated by motion thanks to the pre-installed motion detector sensor that helps to create some sort of security feature in the light set.

Powered with a 26400mAh lithium battery, this best solar led street light will work for over eight hours, creating very flourishing illumination in your outdoor space. It comes in a sleek design that is well-protected. Thus, the device comes with a waterproof and heatproof feature that reassures you of quality. You will find this device very easy to install as it comes with no extra wires to fix.

Pros and Benefits

  • Wide coverage area
  • Amazing work time
  • All-weatherproof protection
  • Easy to install

5. Brillihood 12W LED Solar Street Light

If you are looking for an amazing solar street light with a very sleek exterior design, and suitable for security purpose then you have the right brand. This beautiful masterpiece will supply up to 1200 lumens of bright white lights. It is studded with enough LEDs to make illuminating your surrounding very easy.

It comes with a very prompt motion sensor that helps to detect movement within several meters radius. Hence, you can rest assured that this device will strongly serve your security needs no matter where they are installed. With over 50,000 hours of estimated lifespan, you can then be assured that you are investing in the right product.

It comes well-protected to ensure you enjoy premium durability, and as such, the device has a waterproof grade of IP65, and it is designed with quality ABS plastic that will not rust or get damaged by heat. Also, this device is very easy to install. Most of the parts come pre-installed and with no extra wires. Thus, you wouldn’t be needing any professional help to install.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Great for security purpose
  • Great LED lights
  • All-weatherproof protection 

6. Yuelguang 15W Solar Street Light

Made with heavy-duty casted aluminum, this product radiates pure durability in every sense. The exterior is then reinforced with IP65 waterproof protection and anti-rust protection to give you a flawless and durable operation all year long. Talking about the flawless operation, a single charge under direct sunlight can last you through three or four rainy days.

The manufacturers adopted high efficient solar cells to allow for rapid charging and energy saving for a more reliable and longer use. Powered with 12000mAh battery, this solar street light remains one of the best solar-powered LED street lights. The 84 LED beads work together to supply very rich illumination that cannot easily be rivaled.

Furthermore, it comes in three different brightness modes, and the brightest comes on once the pre-installed motion sensor detects movement around. Thus, this brand is also great for security purposes. It has a very flexible and adjustable mounting bracket that allows you to tilt the device towards any desired angle. The product is also very easy to install since it comes with no extra wires or complicated components.

Pros and Benefits

  • Very easy to install
  • Easy and flexible mounting bracket
  • Sturdy aluminum cast with all-weatherproof protection
  • Three brightness modes

7. Bestqool LED Solar Street Lights

It is not every day you get to see a solar street light with just twenty LEDs but yet still able to supply over 2500 Lumens of light. This device has such great light coverage that it becomes suitable for other purposes and not just for the street light purpose only. When mounted at a height of ten to fifteen feet, it can supply up to 648 square feet of light coverage which is perfect for a light of this quality.

It comes with three brightness mode, and each of them come with the number of hours they could last for. At the dimmest mode, the device can light up to thirty-five hours. The motion sensor activates the brightest light mode. Hence, the light can alert you for security purposes. All that is required to give this device an optimal charging is eight hours of direct sunlight, and the pre-installed 8000mAh battery will power the device longer than what an average light will do.

Furthermore, this device automatically comes on once it is dark and goes off and lasts through the night. To ensure you enjoy premium durability, the light comes adequately protected by a waterproof grade of IP65. It is made from premium aluminum, and you will enjoy an exterior that is protected against corrosion and damage that may happen due to heat.  The device is also very easy to install and comes with no extra wire installation.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy aluminum exterior
  • Heavy-duty lithium battery
  • Impressive coverage area and lumen capacity

8. Szyoumy Solar Street Flood Lights

Flood your outdoor space with enough light it deserves using this uncommon solar street light. It will do what most other brands cannot do, and you will enjoy brilliant illumination with this amazing product. It comes with a large attached solar panel that is responsible for charging the heavy-duty lithium battery. If well charged under direct sunlight, this device is capable of supplying over twenty hours of brilliant illumination.

You just wouldn't be enjoying premium brightness for such a long time, but you will be enjoying a full 5500 lumens of light that is capable of covering over six hundred square feet. Furthermore, you will also enjoy the full functionality of a remote-controlled light system that allows you to alternate between the three brightness modes that the system has.

This device also comes with motion detectors that come on as soon as movement is detected. Hence, you will enjoy a full functioning security feature using this device. To assure you of the product's durability, the manufacturers have made sure to include waterproof protection of IP65 grade. The ABS plastic exterior is also resistant to rust or heat damage.

Pros and Benefits

  • All-weatherproof protection
  • Amazing lumen capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Remote control feature

9. RuggedGrade 24 Watt LED Solar Street Light

Coupled with 18 Volt and 24 Watt Polycrystalline solar panel, this device seems to be one of the fastest charging solar lights currently in the market. It gets optimally charged in less than eight hours. Powered by a 9600mAh lithium battery this device can give you up to twelve hours of quality light.

Although it doesn't come with motion sensors to detect movement yet you will enjoy enough illumination all through the night to give you a sense of safety. It comes with twenty-four pre-installed LED beads working together to supply over 2400 lumens of super bright light. It also comes with an auto switch feature that helps to switch the light on and off when needed.

It is very easy to install. Just mount the solar panels at the most desired angle and enjoy the premium flooding of rich light. To ensure this device stays durable, the manufacturers designed this light system with aluminum and then reinforced it with weatherproof paint and IP65 waterproof protection.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • The reinforced and sturdy exterior
  • All-weatherproof protection
  • Great lumen capacity

10. GBGS Solar Street Light

Here is a mini solar street light that can do as much as what the big ones can. Studded with LED beads, this solar street light can supply up to 1000 lumen of super bright white light. It comes with four full brightness options that you can choose from, depending on your preference.

It comes fully automated with PIR motion sensors that can detect movement within 16.5 feet square radius. The motion detector automates the brightest light mode for security alerts. Hence, this product is great for security purposes. Powered by a 12000mAh battery, this device can work for more than eight hours at a stretch.

Furthermore, it comes with an integrated solar panel that makes the device quite compact unlike those with external and quite separate solar panels. It is also protected with waterproof and heatproof features. The light is 120-degree rotatable, and the light also comes with an auto-switch feature. It is also one of the easiest solar street lights to set up as it comes with no wires at all.

Pros and Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Four brightness modes
  • PIR motion detector
  • All-weatherproof protection

Why Should We Use Solar Street Lights?

Nature has her way of giving us better alternatives, and technology hasn't failed to embrace these alternatives. In making sure that everyone has the full advantage of nature and technology, manufacturers have made sure that solar energy is put to waste. Hence, you have amazing light systems converting solar energy into usable energy.

Unlike conventional energy, you wouldn’t have to incur so much on electricity costs. Solar street lights are purely designed to work on their own by simply converting solar energy into usable electricity through solar panels.

Aside from the cost, you might be saving, solar street light also comes at zero maintenance cost. You don't have to replace bulbs too often or have to deal with wires getting damaged. Al you have to do is make sure you mount your solar street light in a place where it can enjoy a good amount of direct sunlight and you are good. Furthermore, a solar street light is often designed to be suitable for other purposes such as lighting up your patio space and other outdoor areas.

A good solar street light is also very easy to install and set up. You don't have to go through the stress of getting a certified technician to have them installed in your most desired spot. You can do the installation all by yourself in just a matter of minutes. For environmentalists, solar street lights are very safe to use in our environment. This is because it helps to reduce the carbon footprints around your home or in any desired spot you install them in.

Finally, solar street lights are safer to use and friendlier with kids. Since you don’t have to deal with external wires and as such you don’t have to run the risk of electrocution or the risk of overheating that may cause serious fire hazards. You also wouldn’t have to run the risk of strangulation especially in a home with lots of kids.


Knowing you can always get any of these best solar street lights, as a perfect substitute for conventional electricity, could be very fulfilling. We are glad we have been of help. All listed devices have been carefully selected, by our team of experts, to offer solutions for your outdoor lighting needs.

Filtering through the market to get that top-notch product could be very stressful, and we are glad to bring you that top ten products that will do exactly what you have always wanted in a solar street light. Enjoy the amazing quality that comes with a choice you make from our listed top ten devices.

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