How To Build a 5000 Watt Solar Generator?

How To Build a 5000 Watt Solar Generator?

Did I hear someone ask why solar? Well, the answer is not far-fetched. At the moment solar energy is the cleanest form of renewable energy and also the most abundant. It causes no environmental pollution and is totally free of charge. The sun energy is captured by the solar panel and is converted in electrical energy and then stores it in a battery. A more detailed outline of the advantages are detailed below:

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Solar energy causes no pollution and does not lead to the emission of greenhouse gases after its installation.
  • It is a renewable source of energy that is clean and available all year round even on cloudy days.
  • It reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil.
  • It has return on investment which is unlike paying utility bill.
  • It involves little or no maintenance as it can last as long as 30 years.
  • Solar energy creates jobs for the populace as it employees solar panel manufacturers and installers. This in turn helps boost the economy.
  • It has the ability to live grid free if all the power generated is enough to power the home or building.
  • It has no limitation as it can be installed anywhere (in a building, on the field and so on).
  • It uses batteries to store energy for use at night.
  • Solar energy can also be used to boil water, power homes and buildings and even cars!

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

For all its advantages, it has some disadvantages which includes:


  • The cost for the initial material and installation may be high if you are to call an expert. However, as will be shown you can build tour own solar generator at a cheap and affordable rate without much hassle.
  • As there is no light at night there is need to have a large battery bank bit this problem can be solved by having solar power generator which can be put on at any time.
  • When it’s raining or cloudy the energy produced is reduced as compared to a very sunny day.
  • It produces low amount of energy on winter months.

In our world today, there is more solar power that hits the earth surface daily than we can use in a year. It is definitely in our best interest to keep working in order to tap into this great source of power and put it to good use. Don't you think so? But the panels are expensive and cumbersome!

Not anymore! We now have a slim, ultra-efficient solar panel which makes the system affordable, portable and more effective. Furthermore, advance in photo voltaic systems have come up with more shrunken, smaller and lighter panels. There currently exist solar panels that are powered by solar energy flying all around the universe.

Solar Generator

Solar Generator

They are noiseless and do not require fueling unlike diesel generation which are very noisy and requires refueling. What's more, you can build a solar generator all by yourself!

All you need do is follow the instructions detailed below and we’ll help you answer the question: how to build a 5000 watt solar generator?

Materials Needed to Build a Solar Generator

In order to be able to build a generator, you will need the following;

  • Solar panel
  • Controller for solar charger
  • 400watt inverter
  • Rolling tool box
  • Auxiliary 12volt plug
  • Auxiliary 12volt plug
  • 14-gauge wire (red color)
  • 14-gauge wire (black color)
  • Heat shrink heat connectors
  • Utility
  • Solder
  • SLA battery
  • 12v USB module
  • A switch

You can purchase a cheap solar panel prototype as a test run. However, for the real deal you may have to purchase a deep cycle SLA battery as its guaranteed to last longer. It cost more no doubt, but you are rest assisted the battery will last longer as compared to the cheap panels.

The USB module switch can be bought from a neighborhood store while the switch can be gotten out of something as simple as an old toy car, the USB module can be taken from a car charger.

To store the project, you may use an old jigsaw drill case, but for the purpose of efficiency, it is recommended you buy an ammo case.

A 12-volt deep cycle battery is meant to be fully charged or discharged; this is different from car battery which are not supposed to be discharged fully. The 12-volt deep cycle battery can last up to 75amp hours.

Alternative Power Inverter

The role of the inverter is to convert the battery power which is in DC into the normal AC power and is rated 400watts.

Some people may opt for power inverter while others may not hence the reason why its optional. If you want to, you can easily add it to the list of materials needed.

You can also purchade a toolbox as it ensures that everything fits in nicely; it also makes transportation easy as it usually have wheels.

Steps In how to build a 5000 watt solar generator?

  • Layout Case: The first step is to open the case and layout all its component. You must ensure that it all fits in as tightly and snuggly as possible.

 In some cases, you may need to cut a spot for the SLA battery as the case may be  uneven and this can cause the case not to close with the battery. However, if this situation ever arises, one of the easiest solution is to heat up the plastic with a lighter and cut it with a blade. The blade will cut through the heated plastic like butter!

You can however avoid this by laying out everything in order to ensure the cable is easy to manage.

  • Battery Installation: It is possible to build a battery holder of about 2×4's in order to ensure the battery doesnt shake or fall off and that its held in place.
  • Pre-Wiring: Before commencement of wiring, ensure you put all your materials in a utility box. When this is done, remove three out of the punch outs on the military box; the one at the end, the bottom and the middle.

After that, screw it on and tighten a compression fitting on one side. This is the passage through which wires going to the 12v plug will pass through.

  • Installament of Power Input Plug: Puncture a hole for the input power plug. Install it such that the end connection will go directly into the utility box.
  • Make a Hole for the Battery Wires: Make a hole beneath the utility box so that wires going to the battery can be allowed passage.
  • Preparing the Wires: While getting ready for soldering, crimp the ring connectors on one end of both the positive and negative wires. Once it comes on, use a lighter to reduce the heat shrink tube on the ring connector.
  • Sometimes when you purchase the 12volt plug, it may come with wires needed. If this happens then you are lucky. The power input plug that goes directly into the utility box sometimes has its wires very long.You may need to cut them short and strip them off.
  • Soldering: Pass the battery wires through the hole created beneath rhe utility box and weld everything together. To prevent shorting of the wires, put a heat shrink tube on all the connections. After that, tighten the compression fittings n order to prevent the pulling out of the wires.

Since all the connections in the utility box has been made, its time to screw the lid on.

  • Wiring: This involves connecting the right wires to the appropriate place;

             Connect + and - of the battery tabs to the panel controller.

             Connect + and - of the solar panel to the controller.

            Connect + and - of the USB module to the battery (ensure there is a switch in between the line)

When you are done, wire up the load from the controller to two wires. The 12v+ and - should be used for this purpose.

You can decide to simply add a connector to the side of the case. In this way, whenever you are in need of a 12v you can plug it into the connector.

It’s simple, cheap and so effective!

  • Assembling The Solar Panel: This is a more technical part, but it can be done.

To do this, you will need to be able to set up the device and also ensure that the solar angel is capable of being mounted at the back of the case.

  • Installing Power Output Jack: Find where you want your 12 volt power mounted, drill a hole and bolt it on.

Alternatively, you are done assembling, you will need to have the casserole to sot in the shade or outside while the panel could be heated by the full blast of the sun.

As you are likely to have excess wire lying around, you can use metal brads already bent and glued to the back of the solar panel to wrap the wires and tuck them in neatly.

After that, use a picture mounting kit to gum two metal holders together to the panel at the back of the case.

Next, feed the wire through the back and just like that your solar generator is ready for use!

You can now attach or reattach the solar panel!

Having a cheap solar power is superb! You may never realize how useful it can be until you have one.

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