How To Measure A Roof Using Google Earth?

How To Measure A Roof Using Google Earth?

Some people want their roof measured and they can’t due to fear of falling off the roof. What if we tell you that you can get your roof measured from the comfort of your room? This can be done by using a computer program called Google Earth. Basically, Google Earth works by portraying the earth in a 3d-like manner. The program uses satellite images, aerial photography and GIS data to transform the earth into a 3D globe. This feature allows the users of the program to see various part of the earth in different angles. 


In this article, you will be learning about how to measure a roof using google earth and we assure you that you will grasp the simple steps involved easily.

Why You Should Use Google Earth To Measure A Roof?

Wondering why it is advisable to use google earth to measure a roof? Never to worry, we will be writing on the benefits in the subsequent paragraphs.

Safe To Use

This is one of the major reasons why using google earth to measure roofs is beneficial. This is because when using google earth, you do not have to worry about falling off the roof or tripping hereby injuring yourself. With google earth, you get to measure your roof without endangering yourself.

Can Be Done At Any Time.

When trying to measure your roof manually, you need to wait till daytime in order to see what you are measuring well. Meanwhile, you can measure your roof with google earth at any time of the day.

Can Be Done Alone

Most times, manual measurements of roofs need to be done by more than one person. This is not the case with using google earth as only one person is needed to use the platform.

What You Need To Measure Your Roof With Google Earth?

To measure your roof with google earth, you need some things and we will be highlighting them below.

  • A Device: You will need to get a device which can be a personal computer or a tablet. This is where you will access the Google earth program. Without the device, then there is no way to get this done
  • Internet Connection: The google earth program will only be assessed when there is an internet connection.
  • Web Browser: While any web browser will perform this task, we advise that you use the chrome browser. This is because we have tested the chrome browser and there was no problem when using it.
  • Address Of The Roof: It makes no sense when you want to measure a roof and you do not know its address or coordinates. Without the address, then the whole process is lost.
  • Writing Materials: This will be used to record the measurements of the measured roof after you are done.

Steps To Follow on How To Measure A Roof Using Google Earth

In the subsequent paragraphs, we will be showing you the simple steps to follow when you want to measure a roof with google earth. Note that we are using a computer as an example in this article but we assure you that it is the same step required for other devices.

Step 1- Get Online

Get your device connected to the internet and start up your web browser. We will advise that you use google chrome if you have it. If you do not have google chrome, you can always download it on your device. You will do this by searching google chrome on google and you will get a free download link. When you click the link, you will have to wait for a few minutes for it to download depending on how fast your internet connection is.

Step 2- Use Google Chrome Browser To View Google Earth

After you finish downloading google chrome, type in this address This will take you to the home page of google earth online. After the page is opened, you will see an icon labelled ‘Launch Google Earth' and all you need to do is to click on this icon to launch the program.

Step 3- Find The Menu Icon

After clicking the ‘Launch Google Earth’ icon, it will take some minutes to load the home page. After successful loading of the page, look for the menu icon on the main screen. The menu icon is represented by three straight lines located on the left side of the screen.

Step 4- Download The Desktop Version Of Google Earth

After clicking the menu button on the screen, you will be shown a list of options you are expected to click on. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and click on the ‘Download Google Earth On Desktop’ icon. After clicking this, the desktop version of the app will start downloading and in no time, you will have the google earth app on your computer.

Step 5- Open The Google Earth App

The next thing to do is to close the google chrome browser in order to have access to the google earth app you just downloaded. You should see the app icon on the desktop screen of your computer and all you need to do is to double click the app to open it. Note that when you open this app, you will be faced with a complicated looking interface compared to the web version of the google earth. The desktop version has a lot of options that might put you off your feet. But we assure you that there is nothing to be scared of because we will be showing you how to go around it.

Step 6- Choose The Appropriate Tools On The Screen

The menu has a lot of options or tools to choose from and all you need to do is to select the right one for the task you want to perform. Drag the mouse around the screen and get familiar with the different tools on the interface. Try to select the ruler tool with your mouse and you will see a box pop up on your screen. This box can be moved around the screen as you wish and it can be taken away if you so wish. Right now, there is nothing to use this ruler tool for but it will be revisited soon.

Step 7- Type In The Address Of The Roof

The next step is to search for the address of the roof you want to measure. To do this, click on the ‘search’ bar located on the upper left corner of the screen. Next, you type in the exact address of the roof. The address can be that of a residential or commercial building.

Step 8- Get A Better View Of The Target Building

After the address is typed in, the app will show you the building from afar. It will be shown by a point on the map and you will need to adjust accordingly. To do this, you need to zoom in by using the zoom scale showing on the screen. You can either click on the ‘+’ sign or slide in the zoom scale till you get a suitable view of the target building. The Google earth pro map can run on both 2d and 3d mode but we advise you to use the 3d interface because it is more realistic.

Step 9- Time To Use the Ruler Tool

Remember the ruler tool we talked about in step 6? Now we are going to select that again. The ruler tool has multiple tabs but this time we will be selecting the polygon. When using this tool, you have the option of choosing any unit of measurement you like. You can use centimetres, feet and square feet.

Step 10- Select Your Point Of Measure

Use the cursor to select or mark points on the roof you want to measure. As you know that most roofs do not have perfect squares, so you need to measure the roof in bits as opposed to at once if it is a perfect square. When a part of the roof is marked or selected, you get the measure of the area selected. You then need to write the measurement down and measure the other areas you didn’t measure. Repeat this step of measuring and writing down till you cover the whole roof.

We need to add that sometimes, you might click a wrong starting point when trying to measure the roof. Never to worry though, you can always click on the ‘clear’ option in order to start again.


You have seen how easy it is to measure a roof using a Google earth. The steps are easy to follow and we are sure that you will be measuring random roofs just for the fun of it. One thing to note is that roof measuring is particularly important if you want to install appliances like solar panels on the roof. We hope you found this article on how to measure a roof using google earth helpful. And we hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we enjoyed writing them.

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