Solar White Paper

CARE Launches White Paper on “Solar Lessons Learned”

Over the years, CARE has followed solar issues in the United States very closely. Whether the topic is government subsidies, consumer fraud, or net metering, we have advocated for policies that protect consumers and ensure a level playing field for American energy sources.

For this reason, CARE is pleased to release¬†“Solar Power in the U.S.: Lessons Learned and Guidance for Policymakers,”¬†a comprehensive look at the impacts of solar power on the nation’s consumers. We hope that our synthesis and summary of available research will add to the ongoing conversation about how best to integrate solar power into the energy marketplace. The stakes are too high for policymakers to create our shared future without all of the facts about solar – both good and bad – in hand.

CARE encourages local, state, and federal policymakers to carefully consider the lessons presented in this white paper and to chart a path forward that protects consumers.